Out and about in my home town eating whole-food plant-based…..or as near to it as I can get!

So, a few years ago I bumped into a couple of friends (on separate occasions) that I first met at age 11 when we started secondary school. We were pretty much inseparable all through school and later through college. Then life got in the way and gradually we saw less and less of each other. Meeting up again, many years later, it was like the intervening years hadn’t happened. We were right back to how we used to be. There were so many memories to reminisce about and we have created and continue to create new ones.

We currently meet up every 3 weeks or so and spend the day together, laughing, joking, setting the world to rights – we call it our mutual therapy session! Of course, the pandemic and lockdown put a stop to us meeting up for a while, but we stayed in touch by text and phone as often as we could. One of my friends had to shield for 12 weeks but as soon as we were able to meet up we made sure we did – normal service has resumed, well, a new normal for us all in this unprecedented time!

Eating out for Lunch is always part of our day and since I started eating whole-food plant-based in November 2019 it involved searching menus finding something suitable. For me, eating out has now become about getting as close to whole-food plant-based as I can but not sweating it if the food is less than strictly compliant. The whole point of meeting up with friends is to enjoy each other’s company and totally destress from what else might be going on in our lives.

Very recently, since lock down restrictions have been relaxed, the three of us have met up twice. Once at ‘Coffee St’ a coffee and cocktail bar with a difference in our local town, Chesterfield Derbyshire. A friend introduced me to their ‘Buddha Bowl’ comprising of everything our body needs in terms of macro and micro nutrients and absolutely delicious. My friends don’t follow the wfpb diet but are more than happy to eat the Buddha bowl – after all, what’s not to like – and so filling.


I would highly recommend a visit to ‘Coffee St’ they cater for everyone. They have a wide range of delicious meals, beautiful cakes, fabulous drinks and all topped off with a lovely atmosphere and wonderful staff who are so welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble – well worth a visit. Find Coffee St at 15 Cavendish St, Chesterfield S40 1XA

Last week we visited the ‘Sorbo Lounge’ in Chesterfield Town Centre. I visited prior to eating wfpb and enjoyed some wonderful meals. This time, I was interested to see the Vegan menu and it didn’t disappoint – I chose the wonderful dish below – ‘Mexican Superbowl’. It was so incredibly tasty and has inspired me to attempt to recreate it at home.


Sorbo Lounge in Chesterfield is in the former Post Office building, I don’t imagine it originally housed the post office, but when I’m in there I try to remember how it looked. The Sorbo Lounge is warm and welcoming and has a great atmosphere. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The menu is varied and has a wonderful vegan selection. Find Sorbo Lounge at 1 Market Place, Chesterfield, S40 1TW. Sorbo@thelounges.co.uk

Eating out for those of us not eating the standard diet has certainly come a long way! I remember how, back in November 2019, which is less than a year ago, I would take my mum to a local supermarket and have lunch in the cafe there. The difference was, being new to wfpb and struggling to find something appropriate to eat. I recall I would ask for a plain jacket potato with a simple side salad. Asking for a simple dressing to go with it, turned out not to be doable because there was no ‘button’ on the cash register for that! They did allow me to take my own dressing, so I took a small pot of cashew cream with me the next time I ate there. That was a very simple meal, but you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed it! Just goes to show that eating wfpb doesn’t need to be complicated. Things have moved on so far since then and I find everywhere I eat now has a good choice of vegan/plant based meals.

I would suggest if you can’t find exactly what you want on the menu, ask if you can mix and match elements of different meals. Obviously, if eating out in a restaurant you will be able to ask for your meal to be prepared to your own requirements. As I’ve said before, getting as close to wfpb as I can when I eat out is ok with me.

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Passionate about a Whole food plant based lifestyle. After years of yo-yo dieting I decided to tackle my weight problem once and for all. The difference this time being I focused on my health in terms of what I was putting in to my body. Health improved and weight reduced.

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