Life got in the way – big time!

Going through a really difficult time at the moment and I can’t disclose fully why because it would not be fair to others involved. Suffice to say that my mental health is taking a battering and it’s not helped by the pandemic which means I can’t meet up with friends who would normally be my respite from every day life’s trials and tribulations. I hasten to say my life’s trials and tribulations are no small thing – I’m generally quite resilient but my resilience has been severely diminished of late. Hence, not having posted anything to my blog for a while. My wfpb diet has taken a hit in terms of more over dependence on processed foods than normal. Now I know there is a link between our mental health and what we put in our body. So this may very well have impacted the way I feel. So here’s back to achieving 100% compliance as soon as possible.

Continuing a look in greater depth at the nutrition and health benefits of fruit and vegetables – we ate at L in the alphabet rundown:

Leek – information taken from

Leeks are a good source of vitamins A, C and K (important for helping your blood to clot). They also contain minerals such as iron (which is important for red blood cells) and manganese (involved in the regulation of brain and nerve function). They are also a good source of dietary fibre

100g of leeks supplies 125 kJ.

Leeks belong to the same family as onions, shallots, scallions, chives and garlic. They look like a giant green onion but have a much milder, somewhat sweet flavour and a creamier texture when cooked.

Health Benefits of Leeks:

  • Contain a variety of nutrients – they are nutrient-dense, meaning that they’re low in calories yet high in vitamins and minerals. One 3.5-ounce serving (100-gram) serving of cooked leeks has only 31 calories
  • They are high in provitamin A carotenoids, including beta carotene. Your body converts these into vitamin A, which is important for vision, immune function, reproduction and cell communication.
  • They are also a great source of of vitamin K1, which is necessary for blood clotting and heart health.
  • A good source of manganese, which may help reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and promote thyroid health. They also provide small amounts of copper, vitamin B6, iron and folate.
  • Leeks are packed with beneficial plant compounds such as antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and sulfur compounds. Antioxidants fight oxidation, which damages your cells and contributes to illnesses like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • They are also a great source of allicin, the same beneficial sulfur compound that gives garlic its anti microbial, cholesterol-lowering and potential anticancer properties.
  • Leeks may reduce inflammation and promote heart health. The kaempferol in leeks has anti-inflammatory properties and are associated with a lower risk of heart attacks or death due to heart disease.
  • The allicin and other thiosulfinates in leeks may benefit heart health by reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and the formation of blood clots.
  • Consuming leeks may aid weight loss as the fibre and water in leeks can promote fullness and prevent hunger, which may aid weight loss. Furthermore, this vegetable is very low in calories.

I should have food shopped today but I obviously found other stuff more pressing to do as when it came to preparing meals I had to be more creative than usual. So it was a case of using vegetables from the fridge that needed using up quickly supplemented by frozen veg. So my evening meal became a pot luck stir fry using my go to stir fry sauce – soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic powder, onion powder and cornstarch.

I used a whole head of broccoli from the fridge, an onion, minced garlic, frozen mixed peppers, the remainder of a bag of mixed veg, and half a bag of frozen mixed beans as well as mushrooms and spinach. I also added a bag of microwaveable mixed grain rice. I wasn’t disappointed with the result. I find I create some kind of stir fry using up remnants of vegetables at least once a week. I try to make sure there is very little waste so regularly keep a close eye on utilising fresh produce, adjusting planned meals accordingly. I had to downsize appliances when I moved house so I no longer have my small chest freezer. It means I don’t have the capacity to freeze as many meals as I used to. It’s taking time to adjust to having less space so it’s still a work in progress.

Apologies for the blurred photo – believe it or not this was the best of a series of photos of my pot luck stir fry!

As for the new house, after 2 revised delivery dates the sofa arrived last Wednesday so I didn’t have to resort to buying bean bags! So pleased with it and so glad it eventually arrived. I’d taken a risk in buying it from a Facebook page but had investigated the company to determine it was genuine and read all the reviews and also it was cash on delivery. So if it hadn’t arrived it would have meant a further delay in sourcing another one but it was no risk financially. So good not to be confined to my bedroom any longer.

I’ve had my first dose of the Covid 19 vaccination and suffered no side affects fortunately as I’m aware some people have. My second dose is due at the end of April. I recall a sense of relief following the jab (by the way, the vaccination process was so well managed – operated like a well oiled machine). The relief came from knowing that I was doing what I could do to mitigate the risk of this virus and it is heartening to know that millions have also had the first dose of the vaccine in this country. I, like so many others not only want to return to some greater level of normalcy but need to for my own sanity, sooner rather than later.

I’m going to leave this post as it is otherwise I fear it won’t get posted for a while longer and it’s already 3 weeks since I last published. I still have a few challenges to work through but I will get there.

I appreciate every one of you that takes the time to stop by and read and follow my blog. Please like, share and/or comment. For my part, I will knuckle down and focus on producing more content. Keep safe.

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Passionate about a Whole food plant based lifestyle. After years of yo-yo dieting I decided to tackle my weight problem once and for all. The difference this time being I focused on my health in terms of what I was putting in to my body. Health improved and weight reduced.

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