Challenging Myself

At the beginning of June I joined https://fatmanrants 3 checks June Challenge. This comprises of:

  • Recording everything I eat maintaining a whole-food plant-based diet
  • Moving purposely every day. As #fatmanrants states “all ya gotta do is move a little bit more than ya did yesterday”
  • The Wild Card – anything you choose to do that encourages you to be your best self. I chose to commit to publishing my blog on a more regular basis. Life happened and I lost my motivation over the last couple of months, it’s what happened and I took the time to get through it the best way I could. Now I’m ready to recommit to my blog which in itself ensures I remain accountable to myself and the wfpb lifestyle.

So, to give you a brief run down of how I’ve been doing during the first 9 days of the challenge. Recording everything I eat has resulted in me eating smaller portions and not snacking, even though what I snacked on before the challenge was wfpb compliant. It is possible to overeat on this diet and sometimes it’s not easy to steer clear of the more calorific whole foods, for instance, nuts and avocado. It seems that writing down what I eat is a way of ensuring I set limits as well as remaining as far as possible wfpb compliant. I have been out with friends and family for meals twice in the last 8 days, so this is where “remaining as far as possible compliant” comes in. Unless you make all your own meals from scratch, you won’t know exactly what is in your meal or how it’s been cooked. I wish there was a plant based restaurant or cafe nearby, but there isn’t. However, There are vegan options on most menus so I don’t let the fact that meals aren’t going to be strictly wfpb compliant stop me from enjoying meals out with family and friends. Yesterday was an amazing day out with 2 best friends. We laughed until we cried, so much fun and so good for the soul. My spirits were well and truly lifted.

Mangalorean Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach Curry – so delicious
Lunch at our local supermarket cafe – 3 Bean Chilli Burrito Bowl

In terms of moving more with purpose (not difficult, I pretty much began from a standing start!). At the beginning of the week, movement consisted simply of shopping and house work – boring I know, but one way of ensuring the house is clean and tidy! I have endeavoured to walk more, even if that’s just going up and down stairs by purposely making far more trips than I would normally do. I also spent a lovely few hours at a local country park and walked around the lake – that’s far more walking than I’ve done in a while. Since losing weight I’m not happy with my saggy arms so I’ve started using dumb bells to try and put some muscle under my layer of saggy skin. Maybe soon I’ll feel able to wear short sleeves or dare I dream of going sleeveless? I am now including squats, press ups, sit ups and lunges. Believe me it’s all been a shock to the system but I’m persevering. I would recommend to anyone that a change of diet for weight loss purposes should include regular exercise from the get go, especially because as we get older, our skin loses some of its elasticity. I have yo-yo dieted for as long as I can remember prior to wfpb and any exercise was sporadic at best. My body is now paying the price!

Below are a few photos I took while walking round Poolsbrook Country Park in Derbyshire, England. It’s so good to be out in the fresh air enjoying beautiful scenery and enjoying great company, chatting with my brother who I haven’t spent a great deal of time with since he moved overseas 22 years ago. I may not have been walking at a great pace but at least I was moving my body.

Views from my walk round the local lake
A swan came to say hello…
Sat chilling, looking out over the lake – so peaceful. I love being around water, it’s so calming
A view from the other side of the lake

The last check of the 3 Check Challenge is the Wild Card, something that produces the ‘best version of yourself’. In my case, as well as living the wfpb lifestyle for health purposes I also need something to keep my mind active so I am committing to my blog, because I am passionate about the whole-food, plant-based lifestyle and hopefully through this I can inspire others to benefit from concentrating on their own health through recognising the part our food choices play in it. I said I would commit to publishing my blog posts more regularly and this is the second post produced within 10 days so I feel It’s a promising start.

Thank you for visiting my site and reading this post. Your support is much appreciated.

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Passionate about a Whole food plant based lifestyle. After years of yo-yo dieting I decided to tackle my weight problem once and for all. The difference this time being I focused on my health in terms of what I was putting in to my body. Health improved and weight reduced.

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