Upping My Game!

The #fatmanrants 3 check 30 day challenge is turning out to be very good for me. Following it keeps my eating honest, and I’m always truthful about eating out – as regular readers know, I get as close as I can to wfpb but don’t beat myself up about it if it’s not strictly wfpb. After all, eating out means that I’m spending time with family and friends and that in itself is absolutely wonderful after many months of restrictions due to Covid.

Where I feel have improved beyond recognition is upping my activity level. From a standing start, an improvement wasn’t difficult! I’m taking every opportunity to get this body moving. Helped very much by buying a second hand exercise bike/cross trainer. Motivation is still an issue – I’m not perfect but any exercise is better than none and I am trying.

Also, because I stated my wild card was recommitting to publishing my blog regularly, the challenge is keeping me on task with that although I’m still struggling with low mood, which does get in the way! It’s the recording progress in all 3 areas that is keeping me on track and progressing in the right direction.

So, what have I been eating? – my chickpea curry of course! It still remains one of my favourites. I change it up regularly by adding different vegetables into the mix. Frozen veg comes in very handy here and using the instant pot means it’s a very quick simple meal to prepare. I change it up also with the various sides I eat it with i.e wild rice, couscous, baked potato, air fried fries or a huge green salad. I also make sure I add spinach in the curry, every time I make it.

An absolute favourite of mine – Chickpea Curry

Buddha bowls or power bowls (same thing) are easy to put together and can of course contain anything you have to hand. They never get boring because you can have different ingredients in every time if you so wish.

So good!

I’ve mentioned eating out! I have to say, unlike before the pandemic, vegan and plant based options have reduced on each menu I’ve seen, so I’ve had the 3 bean chilli burrito bowl a few times recently, at a local cafe.

Three Bean Chilli Burrito Bowl

I very often start each day with oats and fruit and most bowls start with chopped apple and banana and then I add whatever other fruit is to hand. Sometimes I add a few chopped nuts and always have a tablespoon of flax seed and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Sets me up for the day.

Oats and fruit – have this most days for breakfast

Stir-fry is another favourite of mine. Nowadays I just throw together whatever veg I have available, fresh or frozen. I might serve it with rice, pasta or couscous or a baked potato. Great when you are getting to the end of the week and wanting to use up the last bits of fresh or frozen veg before restocking.

My throw together stir-fry, might not look that great but it was delicious

Despite the 30 day challenge that has kept me on task the majority of the time, I have had low mood for a few days – dealing with lots of ‘stuff’. Prior to wfpb that would have derailed me and I would have eaten everything in site, but now I’m more likely not to eat enough. All I ate yesterday was a baked potato with a beetroot salad while visiting family – being in the company of family for the evening was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, but I know thats not enough for a whole day! There’s been a few days where I’ve had 2 meals during the day – not necessarily a bad thing as long as I’m getting the right food. Today I’m back on track and started with my usual breakfast. I’ve got a chickpea curry in the instant pot and trying to remain chilled.

I’ve got 3 days this week planned going out with family and friends – it will involve eating out so we’ll see how the last few days of this challenge go. However, rather than a challenge, the 3 elements of it have formed a habit so I’m sure I’ll continue logging my food intake, upping my activity level and continuing with my blog. You will of course hear about it in future blogs.

Thanks for reading, please, like, share and comment.

Published by smith57angel

Passionate about a Whole food plant based lifestyle. After years of yo-yo dieting I decided to tackle my weight problem once and for all. The difference this time being I focused on my health in terms of what I was putting in to my body. Health improved and weight reduced.

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