Cooking, whole-food plant-based style!

Once again, I feel I’m relying on the same few recipes so am determined to add more to my repertoire. This one, Coconut, cauliflower, sweet potato curry caught my eye and while I initially looked at the list of ingredients and felt it would be time consuming – it wasn’t. Was absolutely delighted with the result. Thank you ‘a couple cooks’.

A messy plate of food but delicious

Easy Way to Make Food Healthier

Did you know you can take almost any baking recipe and make it healthier by replacing eggs, oil or butter.

Unsweetened apple sauce is great in cakes, muffins or cookies – it replaces the egg you would normally use.

Nut butters, like sunflower, homemade almond or cashew butter are great for making cookies. Use nut butters that are all natural without added oil. Use an equal amount of nut butter to the butter or oil in the recipe. Make sure these foods are not served to anyone who has a nut allergy.

Silken Tofu – use in baked goods with strong flavours like chocolate. Use a third cup of silken tofu for every half cup of oil in a recipe. You can blend silken tofu to make a purée and use it as an oil substitute in cookies, cakes and muffins.

Aquafaba – the juice in a can of chickpeas. It has a neutral flavour and the consistency akin to vegetable oil. Use equal amount of aquafaba to oil specified in a recipe.

Mashed banana, pumpkin or sweet potato. Use in scones, muffins or bread. Use a third of a cup of any of these in place of a half cup of oil.

The diagram below shows what you can substitute eggs with when cooking.

I have tried the apple sauce and ground flax seed – been successful with both

Also, I never use oil in my cooking. If a recipe calls for sautéing with oil, I always use water. All oils have a high calorie density so why use it when you can ‘spend’ your calories on more healthier delicious foods? When sautéing with water, just use enough to prevent the food sticking to the pan.

You can see from this that consuming 500 calories of oil is not going to fill you. Whereas eating 500 calories of potatoes, beans, rice, fruit and veggies will fill you.

I hope this information is useful. If you use any of the methods of egg replacement for instance, let me know how you got on. Please like, share and comment. Your thoughts and ideas are most welcome.

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Passionate about a Whole food plant based lifestyle. After years of yo-yo dieting I decided to tackle my weight problem once and for all. The difference this time being I focused on my health in terms of what I was putting in to my body. Health improved and weight reduced.

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